The most important part of the business is you! We have worked with many lovely people and have so much fun.

Here a few words from the people we worked with in a past. These are real people. Some cases I was asked not to use full names because the publicity, but names are real. Words, however, are exactly as they were written to us.
'Dear Riitta
Thank you, thank you so much for the gorgeous images. I love them. I will really treasure your artwork. Every day when I walk pass the pictures, I feel so happy and you made that happen. -Melanie-

Third place in professional photographer's International competition:
Probably the only artist that walks that thin line between "ugliness, beauty and tenderness" with such a natural swing to it..
Riitta Toro, I must admit... I am not a fan of dolls, nor clowns... but this submission worked on my mind all week. Every now and again I just go through the shots at a rapid pace and once I have gone through all of them, I ask myself the simple question of which one stuck with me. This is THE shot that struck me personally. There is a look in this doll. An almost real look. The inanimate object has come to life. It looks at the viewer and it does not look haunting but instead with a smile of understanding; Deep dark eyes with long eyelashes.... Capturing this in an inanimate object is skill. -Kees Terberg

Thank you for coaching me through the photoshoot, you were just so funny that it was possible me to relax. I appreciate everything you thought me, especially the 'peep' word that made me ease up. I will remember that rest of my life - Kylee Charles/ Model

You are tremendous talent as an artist. There isn't a single great artist who doesn't have a heart that's too big for the little corpus that carries it -Bart Derre-

I am thrilled that standard of your work is so high and I hope gallery owners and exhibition curators can see such a diverse work you produce. All my best.. -Charles Saatchi

I am so glad that I found you! You are the best photographer and awesome person -Katja Zhukova/ Model

Riitta produces brilliant media art and photography. She is a great personality and I have a pleasure of owning some of the work she has produced. I can recommend her for photo shoots or if you enjoy nice artwork on your wall, it is worth having a word with her or go and see her exhibition.
- Teuvo Ronkainen

You are the most awesome person I have ever met. You are so creative and fun to be with. Always remember that. -Susan /Model

You are the only photographer I know that produces the whole productions single handed; from plan to the finish. That is some hard work and skillful organisations -Stuart O'Brian

I am so honoured to been part of your collaborations, my day was filled with joy and laughter -Soile Iivonen Artist

Riitta is such a creative lady and lovely to work with
fell very privileged to work with you today
Couldn't ask for any better - Miss Rainbow

Lovely working with you today - your encouragement and inspiration, laughter and tips were ace xxx - Kylee Charles

Thank you so much for working hard all day at our wedding and making it so relaxed and easy. The photos are absolutely stunning! -Carolyn Finch

I didn't know where to even start; I just had this idea and I wanted something different. Riitta sat down with me for endless hours and in the end she designed my slogans, the website and the lot. She is brilliant! -Emma-

I am extremely happy ! Looking at photos right now - this is wow, that is wow ! I don't know which one I liked most. I have not had such a creative shoot for a looong time ! Thank you !
You are such a good photographer ! I like what you doing with light (how it played and sparkled in hair)
So I would love to work with you again. - Medusa GorgonaModel

Riitta Toro, on valokuvaajana hyvin lahjakas ja persoonallinen. Hän saa mallinsa persoonan ja parhaat puolet esille kauniilla käsialallaansa. Toron töistä näkee väistämättä ammattilaisen kädenjäljen. Hän on visuaalisesti hyvin lahjakas. Stylistina huikean monipuolinen sekä idearikas. Voin hyvin lämpimästi suositella Riitta Toroa kaikille. - Apromodel Finland.

(Translation: Riitta Toro is very talented as a photographer and unique in her personality. She is able to bring out best of her model's personality and style with her beautiful vision. True professionalism can be seen in her work and visually she is very talented. As a stylist, she is extremely diverse and rich in ideas. I can warmly recommend her services. - Apromodel, Finland.)

I had 3 photo shoot with Riitta over this and last year. She is friendly, professional, very creative and inventive photographer and fun to work with. Riitta has fantastic props like skulls, bones, feather, horns, hats of her own creation. She is good with bodyart too. I highly recommend her hope to work with Riitta again soon. -Maria Furla